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Aus Beverages
Rising from ancient sandstone aquifers deep beneath the NSW Southern Highlands, the water in AUS Beverages’ delicious range of drinks is as pure as it gets. This untapped region produces natural water, with the richest mineral balance possible, and is ready for you to enjoy today, along with our diverse range of Australian drinks to suit the most discerning palette. Completely free from pollutants or additives, Enki is rated Excellent by World Health Organisation standards.
Through our bakery journey, we have been lucky enough to have formed a friendship with Wholegrain Milling Co., who have been our main supplier of sustainably grown, stone-milled flours. Our shared values that parallel their relationships with Australian farmers and innovation towards sustainable certification of grains and cereal crops has led us to collaborate in our creation of sourdough pasta. In this new chapter, there is a purpose-built pasta shed that sits next to the Wholegrain Milling Co., mill in Gunnedah, NSW, which allows us to create pasta on a scale that can reach the kitchens of more people, without compromising our food creation values. As a team, we feel truly aligned with what we have created and are very excited to share it with you.  
BetterDays Beverage Co Pty Ltd
We’re Jac & James, the founders of Australia’s first cactus water, BetterDays. An all natural, low cal, refreshing drink that not only tastes good, but is also good for you. As two people who always wanted to make better health choices, we struggled to find healthy beverage options that were good enough to drink on a daily basis... so we created one. “What’s Cactus Water?” I hear you say. A delicious, refreshing and healthy drink made from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus. Prickly pears are a superfruit hailing from the deserts of Mexico. They are rich in antioxidants, electrolytes and have been used in natural medicines for hundreds of years... what a fruit! We were drawn by its ability to not only survive but thrive where other plants couldn’t. Much like the cactus, we humans also grow through the tough times... our BetterDays are built from the bad days and we are here to promote and celebrate that resilience which makes us human.
Butter Boy
He who started as part-time (self proclaimed) food critic, part-time law student, is now the boy behind the butter. As a loyal pastry eater, and avid tester of cafes both local and abroad, Butter Boy brought his love for food (and a dangerously sweet tooth) to his own kitchen.  But be quick, the goods move just as quickly as salted caramel came into fashion.
By Kai
Artisan smokehouse specialising in high quality sustainable smoked foods with a difference. Royal Agricultural Society Champion award recipient 2023.  Trout By Kai uses sustainable and ethically farmed Australian rainbow trout from the pristine waters of the  Snowy Mountains . Processed from pond to smokehouse in less than 24 hours. Our unique brine recipe is based on  European  tradition and is seasoned with Olsson’s kiln dried Australian sea salt, scented with juniper and fresh local rosemary. The wood we use for smoking is organic pecan wood (Hickory). Free of pesticides and chemicals, it is cut by drop saw (not chainsaw) to avoid contamination. This gives trout By Kai a subtle salty sweet flavour with medium strength smoke and a delicious juicy texture.
Chai La Lai
Our Chai La Lai concentrate is carefully and lovingly crafted from all-natural ingredients with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Each brew contains freshly roasted warming spices that promote health and vitality. Expertly brewed in Byron Bay, Chai La Lai is a true small-batch chai concentrate that is GMO-free and vegan-friendly.
Chapter Tea
We could tell you about the intricacies of brewing tea, but truth be told, the secret to a good brew of tea is simplicity. We brew using real loose-leaf Tea, fresh herbs and fresh fruit. Resulting in real Tea, fruit & herb flavour’s balanced with tannin and acidity. Derived from experience at the coalface of hospitality we endeavor to encapsulate the essence of taste and vitality that is within the ambrosial world of tea. Chapter Tea is a product of integrity, 1st test run on our lovely family and at Sydney’s markets, these teas have been crafted to satisfy the senses, while still remaining guilt free! if you only treat yourself and others occasionally, next time why not try Chapter Tea? Cheers! Dave
Dark Forest Kombucha
Dark Forest Beverages was born from a desire to craft gut loving beverages for the social adult. We wanted to make something great for body and interesting to drink. Our products are wild and unpasteurised, crafted with permaculture practices, and made from 100% Australian organic green tea, raw sugar and whole fruits. We brew, test and package onsite so you can trust we are vegan, gluten free, nut free (but never fun free!).
Le Gourmand
Le Gourmand is a family business based in Sydney. We create French food with passion and purpose. You will love our plant based Macarons, Friands and Chocolate Mousse. Eat like the French do - Bon appétit
LP's Quality Meats
Formerly a restaurant with a focus on smoked meats and smallgoods, LP's started making Mortadella, an Italian deli meat which quickly evolved into wholesale production and supply to some of Sydney's best restaurants. After closing the restaurant in February 2020, owner and chef, Luke Powell, set out to refurbish the former dining space to make way for a production kitchen purely devoted to production of smallgoods direct to restaurants, delis & retailers. LP’s famed smoked sausages launched that same year and have been a household staple ever since. Using Australian Free Range Pork and fresh ground spices Luke has created some of the best quality smallgoods in the country.